cash, trash, hashes and bashes – it’s all stashed in politics

cash, trash, hashes and bashes – it’s all stashed in politics

states2A half dozen Republicans have already declared their intentions to be our President, in an election that is over 500 days away. With another half dozen stealth-sniffing their trunks around the U.S., seeking to suck up cash. With the $$$$$$$$$$ they garner, we could probably pay off the national debt. 

Two women has declared, though we knew they’d run again. One to unsully/re-ignite the Clinton Legacy, one to unusually/re-ignite her own.  Perhaps to leave her own imprint on history, perhaps because she cares.

There’s already a trash-talking expose, Clinton Cash, and several more to be published. What a way to sell ink, donchathink! What a way to foment hate.

I have an idea: the masses could buy my book, STASHES. Then I’d have stashes of cash to toss about, perhaps to donate to a cause celebrate. My next book title is HASHES AND BASHES, apropos of political topics but already claimed as mine, with much different content.

At any rate, I am glad to live in an uncontested state, a place where, during the last election, candidates planed in-out just long enough to swashbuckle at some high-ranking party member’s home and depart with stashes of cash.

California is an ATM state, where candidates fly in-out, sometimes only staying overnight, swiping cash for rich supporters and leaving the rest of us alone.

BTW: I selected this Getty image map, not because of its collegiate bias, but because West Virginia looked like a hand hitchhiking out of the Union.

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