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Feeling Tready

Are you aqua-fit or aqua-fat?Water-aerobics-3_medium_640

I don’t have to choose: I am both.

You see, my mindful fitness routine includes water aerobics. I’ve just attended my 100th class.

Feeling tready, I am.

However, my unmindful imbibing infuses its own routine: each week I lose three pounds and each weekend I gain them back.… ...

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Time Confetti

I’ve heard a friend or two say that they have old age onset ADD. I guess that, in the land of initials, that would be OAOADD, which sounds too much like the “Old MacDonald” refrain to me.

Initially I plugged into the concept, especially when confronted near daily with my wandering teacup.… ...

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Crows vs. Parrots: round 1

Yesterday a famous parrot prompted a post.

Today hearts are heavy as we commemorate the date that the invisible, invincible shield of America crashed to the ground, along with the Twin Towers and thousands of lives.

Today I find a parallel natural event to post: a 55-minute turf, er tree, war that I witnessed while doing water aerobics.… ...

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noun: Doing (or giving the appearance of doing) something effortlessly; effortless grace; nonchalance.
From Italian. Earliest documented use: 1957.
In 1957, the year of this term’s earliest documented use, my husband already had his first jobs: delivering newspapers and mowing lawns to contribute to the household income because of his father’s disability.
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It was the 60’s in northwestern Indiana. Though our small town was proximate to the trials of the Chicago 7 and pre-election riots televised for all to see, we were worlds apart.  We lived the idyllic, self-contained, ritualistic life of those close to the land.… ...

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Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

Verizon Seat Map

The amphitheater signage has been replaced and soon the razing of the superfine outdoor musical arena will start. Dusty yellow megaton Caterpillars will crawl about the natural bowl of the earth to imbibe all man-made materials: gobble, gobble, chomp. The hills will no longer be alive with the sound of music; just as decades ago, the growl of Fraser, the fertile male lion, and the freeway frolic of Bubbles, the Hippo, vanished into Orange County myth.… ...

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Breakfast at Tiffanys

My husband is the best man alive. I love him completely, thoroughly, and true. We’ve been together since February 16, 1974. He loves me and is very giving, but he is not a hearts, flowers, chocolate, and jewelry guy.

It matters not, for I can buy these myself....

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I am






 … ...

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Chains and change

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Only get out of the boat when you are anchored

God's Purpose...

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