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One-up womanship is a pain in the butt

Yesterday I met Predatory Pam for tea-and-me-and-thee. I hoped for mutual benefit.

When I arrived, in an area not in my ‘hood, she was posed in front of the coffee shop window, as if ensconced on a throne, well perched and poised, ready to – Strike.… ...

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Natural Glow

All of us desire a natural glow – even if it comes in a tube.

Just as many people grant their desire to be a blonde by pouring the genie from a bottle.

While I don’t need the bottle, I definitely need the tube.… ...

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What? Sounds like dialogue from Star Trek or Star Wars, doesn’t it, but these are acronyms straight from the USA.

It’s political initial talk/double speak – do you recognize, understand, or think it’s true?

Email me at

I know the acronyms and the truth.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: on the golf course

Okay, Readers, you know that this miracle didn’t happen to me: golf course would be your key words. But I know a miracle when I hear one, and this one is too clear not to report. As I’ve said before, our God is a clever God, he makes things happen in ways that anyone can believe.… ...

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Delicious Acuity

Which was you prefer as delicious acuity – if you had to, or could, choose, Constant Reader: foresight or hindsight?

“No one knows what it’s like To be the bad man To be the sad man… Behind blue eyes”

—Pete Townsend, The Who


As for me, I choose insight.… ...

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Born Identity: living life as a miracle of speed and aspiration

“Let go; Let God!” I breathed in and out as mantra. The phrase infused a lightness of being, a slowed pulse.

“Let go; Let God,” I repeated as the garage door closed. Larry had retrieved his wallet from the closet shelf, where he’d belatedly remembered he’d left it while changing pants and then heading for the airport.… ...

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images-2Well, it took 30 years to arrive, but 1984 is here.

The novel was actually published in 1949, amidst the post WW2 euphoria. People thought George Orwell was dyspeptically grim, but it reached iconic, bestseller status anyway, infused with the universal paranoia that some men of letters are determined to feel.… ...

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Scribbles and Bits!


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Living Life as a Miracle: a trip to the Holy Land

The over-large postcard arrived in the mail, heralding an appealing offer: the maiden voyage of a Celebrity cruise, an eight-day Mediterranean itinerary that included the Holy Land.


Two days in Israel, not a large country, but laden with Christian treasures and barricaded by strife.… ...

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Bounce Back Bozo

If you could choose a cartoon metaphor for yourself, who or what would you be? It’s a great conversation starter at a party – try it sometime!

A group of friends chose Charlie Brown for me. Whaddayathink?

You recall the hapless champion of real, who sought the tender attentions of the world, yet even his dog talked back and became as famous as he.… ...

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