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Air Force Amy and the Fat Farm

So you read about the sudden passage of my office mate, posted on May 28. This here is an addendum of pornographic quality…

Are you hooked yet?

My office mate died in January 2004, suddenly, harshly, and in a compressed time frame.… ...

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Karla, the queen of smart ass

A few weeks ago we were in London town, and a few days ago I wrote about watching the Royals parade, a once yearly extravaganza of pomp, posh, and the circumstance of opening the English Parliament. A jolly good show, much better than the State of the Union.… ...

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Time Capsule

In December 1986 I assembled a time capsule to hastily insert in an extra concrete pour necessitated by our pool contractor’s incorrectly-placed layout. It seemed that the entrance steps into the sports pool were harrowingly near our home’s sliding door. Wouldn’t want Lar to inadvertently splash into the pool on his way to BBQ our evening’s meal!… ...

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Born Identity: living life as a miracle of speed and aspiration

“Let go; Let God!” I breathed in and out as mantra. The phrase infused a lightness of being, a slowed pulse.

“Let go; Let God,” I repeated as the garage door closed. Larry had retrieved his wallet from the closet shelf, where he’d belatedly remembered he’d left it while changing pants and then heading for the airport.… ...

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CAbi Girl

$_35                              The label states: “I am a linen blended garment designed in such a way as to twist, bend and torque when washed. Please enjoy my fun insouciant look”

OK.  Now I will be well-armored for life in my new CAbi clothing.… ...

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Amy’s Sassin’: STASHES novel excerpt

My mind is mostly where I converse when I’m in Jackie and Steve’s home. Maybe I’m schizophrenic, like my mom, but I think not. I have my wits about me. I try to blend into the family scene. Be pretty, be patient, be seated.… ...

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The Power of Acceptance

My husband buttered my whole grain toast.

Again. Despite my repeated requests to not butter my toast.223639-whole-wheat-bread-toasted-no-butter-path-included

What to do? Say, “Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit?”

Probably not the time to be a smart mouth… a girl’s gotta eat, right?… ...

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by assignment, 200 self-revelatory words







Interested and interesting







Singer of harmony







Sense of humor aloud (allowed)










What you see is what you get – there is no artifice.… ...

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No good deed goes unpunished

Good Deed

I first heard this statement in the summer of 1997. A wise mentor gave it voice after I’d written a ground-breaking grant and determined to shepherd its project to fruition. Naive person that I was, I learned its lesson hard.

Eight years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.… ...

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JelloMy arena of influence has expanded into the Land of Eat, specifically the Province of Dessert. Who knew that such a thing could occur, especially in a human burned out long ago on the confection perfection demanded of/by a 4-H practitioner who achieved Grand Champion at the Indiana State Fair multiple times.… ...

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