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Holy Crap!



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Natural Glow

All of us desire a natural glow – even if it comes in a tube.

Just as many people grant their desire to be a blonde by pouring the genie from a bottle.

While I don’t need the bottle, I definitely need the tube.… ...

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What? Sounds like dialogue from Star Trek or Star Wars, doesn’t it, but these are acronyms straight from the USA.

It’s political initial talk/double speak – do you recognize, understand, or think it’s true?

Email me at

I know the acronyms and the truth.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: the lost is found!

Today is our wedding anniversary! Hurrah and hallelujah!

Since I have been in a miracle mindset, let me repeat: one of the three best miracles of my life is the night I met Larry Colando by the beer keg. The other two are my birth and my re-birth.… ...

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Arrant: a rant


adjective: Complete; thorough.
Here’s a word that has had both its spelling and meaning bent out of shape from use. It’s a variant of errant (wandering). Earlier the word was used in the sense of wandering or vagrant, for example, an arrant thief or an arrant knave.
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Living Life as a Miracle: New Office Found

What should you do when you are stressed to the ceiling of your office, when the walls are pressing inward, and the floor feels like it will drop out? Take a walk! Seek open space…sound psychological advice.

My spacious windowed office was no longer going to be mine in 21 days.… ...

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Delicious Acuity

Which was you prefer as delicious acuity – if you had to, or could, choose, Constant Reader: foresight or hindsight?

“No one knows what it’s like To be the bad man To be the sad man… Behind blue eyes”

—Pete Townsend, The Who


As for me, I choose insight.… ...

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Born Identity: living life as a miracle of speed and aspiration

“Let go; Let God!” I breathed in and out as mantra. The phrase infused a lightness of being, a slowed pulse.

“Let go; Let God,” I repeated as the garage door closed. Larry had retrieved his wallet from the closet shelf, where he’d belatedly remembered he’d left it while changing pants and then heading for the airport.… ...

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Let it go

“Let it go,” the Christian smother says.

Let it go. Be free of angst and regret.

And, it strikes me suddenly:

what she really intends is

to be unfettered,

free of listening

to my burdens,

as I have listened to hers.… ...

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It’s just an orchid knit gown, fabric interwoven with gold lame thread.

Okay, it’s something special. Unique and Cinderella superb.

The dress was the prime item at a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Angels – and I looked like an angel in it, so of course I bought it, spending the inheritance before I knew it would be cut by one-third.… ...

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