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The Little Red Hen

“Not I,” said the ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___.

So the little Red Hen did, not equivocally wishy-washy or vacantly wishing is she.

She did, does the work. By and for the quest. Little Red rousts effort and energy.

She endeavors always, with objectives; she does her best.… ...

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Benefits of a Book

For three years I’ve been writing a book, a novel activity for me –

Stashes      I highly recommend it.

The title, STASHES, came from the Lord above, I swear. It just infused, floated into mind, with narrative arcs imagined, bit by bit over time.… ...

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Feeling Tready

Are you aqua-fit or aqua-fat?Water-aerobics-3_medium_640

I don’t have to choose: I am both.

You see, my mindful fitness routine includes water aerobics. I’ve just attended my 100th class.

Feeling tready, I am.

However, my unmindful imbibing infuses its own routine: each week I lose three pounds and each weekend I gain them back.… ...

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Natural Glow

All of us desire a natural glow – even if it comes in a tube.

Just as many people grant their desire to be a blonde by pouring the genie from a bottle.

While I don’t need the bottle, I definitely need the tube.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: on the golf course

Okay, Readers, you know that this miracle didn’t happen to me: golf course would be your key words. But I know a miracle when I hear one, and this one is too clear not to report. As I’ve said before, our God is a clever God, he makes things happen in ways that anyone can believe.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle on the Midway

An angel walked up to our group shortly after we came aboard the Midway, the famous aircraft carrier that had recently been towed to berth in San Diego Harbor. The ‘captain’ of our crew was a veteran who’d served aboard such a vessel in WWII.… ...

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I came of age when women were newly encouraged to be equal, to take charge, to surge upward, “lean in.”

As a result of this insurrection – and the recent spate of down-sizing higher echelon men – 20% of women ages 40 – 69 earn about the same as their spouses and 24% earn more, according to statistics.… ...

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Born Identity: living life as a miracle of speed and aspiration

“Let go; Let God!” I breathed in and out as mantra. The phrase infused a lightness of being, a slowed pulse.

“Let go; Let God,” I repeated as the garage door closed. Larry had retrieved his wallet from the closet shelf, where he’d belatedly remembered he’d left it while changing pants and then heading for the airport.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Thank You Sign

Six years ago, on this day, my father died, living 21 months past my mother, his dear wife/supporter/nurturer/friend. The ensuing family angst and drama sent me into tailspin. I’d lost my parents and hopes for family, left with only squabbley siblings.… ...

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Pole barn dance

My husband and I recently completed an interior renovation of our three-car garage, a protracted ten-week endeavor that necessitated lengthy mid-day naps. Our energy levels overwhelmed by what we conspired to achieve, we contemplated searching out Geritol to add to our daily diet.… ...

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