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The Little Red Hen

“Not I,” said the ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___.

So the little Red Hen did, not equivocally wishy-washy or vacantly wishing is she.

She did, does the work. By and for the quest. Little Red rousts effort and energy.

She endeavors always, with objectives; she does her best.… ...

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Muse – eum

nature     Nature is –

an ever-changing art museum. How lucky I am to have unlimited admission.

Where should I go to luxuriate in her glamour today, tomorrow, this summer, soon?

After six sets of house guests since January 1, hostessing other people’s vacations in our home, I need an adventure elsewhere – “Serenity Now!”...

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I said good-bye to thousands of people in the past several days, and then threw them in the trash. Details of restoration and recovery of skills, details of loss and re-birth, notes of triumphs and tears – documented in manila files.… ...

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It’s the line from a classic movie which, because Larry and I were dating, I went to see, despite the fact that I hate violence – verbal or physical – and that movie had plenty of both.… ...

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Green and red

CAJun1978Prop13.svgHere’s a map of California, showing the counties in which 62.5% of the voters passed Prop 13. Look at the red: a small land mass lost to big consequences for green, as in money.

Larry and I were in California, seeking jobs, when Prop 13 passed in 1978.… ...

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Here it is, at last, a brand new book for your shelf!

Bug Book

Oh, that’s right!

In California we don’t have bugs, though our small garden could use some help…other than the birds, raccoons, and squirrels helping themselves to our produce.

Suggestions anyone?… ...

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Death and Taxes

Here it is! The  full translation of the famous quote by America’s venerated self-made man, Benjamin Franklin, written to a friend in France in November 1789: “Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” 

Ben Franklin

Ben is among the Ten I’d love to entertain at Casa Colando....

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the Book of Daniel

I took a blank paged book to Africa, to write in everyday impressions, facts, experiences. It’s a habit that we gleaned from my parents, the intrepid travelers we impersonate. We noticed that they recalled each of their trips in vibrant details, complete with facts and opinions.… ...

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Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

Verizon Seat Map

The amphitheater signage has been replaced and soon the razing of the superfine outdoor musical arena will start. Dusty yellow megaton Caterpillars will crawl about the natural bowl of the earth to imbibe all man-made materials: gobble, gobble, chomp. The hills will no longer be alive with the sound of music; just as decades ago, the growl of Fraser, the fertile male lion, and the freeway frolic of Bubbles, the Hippo, vanished into Orange County myth.… ...

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Rubber Bands

rubber band ball

We do not have the world’s largest ball of rubber bands in our home. What’s pictured is one in a museum. What we do have in our home’s kitchen window is a rubber band collection on a scruffy, water-spotted birch candlestick that my father turned on his lathe. ...

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