Close encounter of a new kind: Starbucks Nation

UnknownI’m as addicted as anyone to my cuppa…Starbucks Chai Tea. Skinny please.

Especially when in the midst of a string of out-and-about errands. While I didn’t have many city streets to trek, I had a list of errands as long as my forearm. I needed fortification.

It was midmorning, long past the morning commute, but my local Starbucks was jammed. What isn’t in Irvine, another over-populated O. C. burg? I placed in my order and moved aside, retrieving my phone for someone with whom to communicate, like everyone else congregated near the drink station.

Except for two twenty-something young people: she perched on ultra high pointy toed heels, topping a utilitarian black pencil skirt with a striking blue blouse layered with cheap pearls, looking like an up-and-coming teller at the nearby bank; he of the athletic build and garb topped by Oakleys at the neck, below the purposely retained stubble. While she was blonde, he was vaguely ethnic, mirroring the cultural mix of our town.

They were standing cheek-to-cheek, chatting quietly, contentedly. Theirs was amiable, not politically-laced sharing on topics of diversity and change.

At the end of conversation, the young woman gave her name to her communicative partner and extended her hand, saying, “See you around.”

Perhaps a new pick-up style, to chat with a guy to establish if he had something worthwhile to say, and believing that he did, then give your name before you wiggle walk away. We live in the Kim Kardashian and J-Lo age, when a prominent bum is prized… What a follow-up to an intro!

While it’s a new age, it also seemed a throwback to my twenty-something years when women’s lib invited Sadie Hawkins to the fore:

sadie-hawkinsI hope that the young couple see each other around. More and more. I smiled, praising their connection. Like I had in my

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2 comments on “Close encounter of a new kind: Starbucks Nation
  1. denny says:

    Larry & I had the best luck at:
    1. IHOP
    2. The post office (when they didn’t see our photo:)
    3. Ace Hardware – garden section and, sometimes . . .
    4. Rack & Helen’s Bar in New Haven

  2. PJ Colando says:

    and may I proudly add #5 – stationed beside the beer keg at a party, where a young lady in boots and a mini skirt ponied up for a re-fill…and the rest is history!

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