High School Glad

High School Glad

Here I sit, in front of my Mac, where, a few moments ago, I was transported, like a famous movie in reverse, back to the past.

High school reunion via Skype, an innovation that wasn’t featured in¬†http://www.backtothefuture.com

It was great fun. It was a blast! You can tell as you look at the 2080-mile selfie. My grin may last forever.


I am high school glad. We all survived, thrived – we all still have our teeth to smile above that extra chin. Our memories flush and full above it/them.


_____ _____ _____ Fill in the blanks anyway that elates, vindicates, and pleases you – even rule-obsessed memoirists do that! Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Every story has a past, present, and future.

Sometimes what happens bests the most ingenious fiction – my classmates made me proud as they shared their stories in turn: heroism, stoicism, compassion, commitment, faith, truth, entrepreneurs extra-ordinaire…it was all there, shelved like trophies and tomes. At peace with their accomplishments, faults, ¬†memories, the present.

We’d each emerged from the doors of Medaryville High, racing like black horses, eager to meet the world, inventing plot lines of good until we re-united to share.

Write your life the way it suits you: act, react, live it, love it, be and do it, laugh out loud. Cry if you must. Trudge on.

Because you only get one. You’re It!

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