If Everyone is Irish one day of the year…

There once was a lad named Larry Whose life had been quite hairy. He chanced a party Where he drank quite hearty And love-at-first-glanced a future wife.

There once was a lass named PJ Who’d experienced a separate but equal hell. On Friday she donned her hotpants and boots and trotted to the party, not giving two hoots, And met her fellow leprechaun – so all was well.

But happiness do not happen this fast. There were still gauntlets to pass. There were tests to take

and past hurts to abate Before the lucky lad and lass married.

Some ‘friends’ produced malarkey

Other peeps were snarky We paid them no mind we knew each other to be kind And, the naysayers weren’t invited to the party!

So, marry your fellow lephrechaun who, in my case, is a Larrikan We enjoy travails and mirth Which, in a relationship, has great worth If anything can be done, WE CAN!

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