Life as a Miracle: Rocking the Boots

Life as a Miracle: Rocking the Boots

I remember the date, the place, the time.

Do you think I loved him?

I remember what he wore and where he posed…

Do you think I loved him?

I remember I giggled at the party host’s introduction…

Do you think it was true?

Neither of us recall how we knew about the party.

But we are both glad we were there.

Does he recall what I wore?

Heck, yes. Emphatically yes. He recalls a mini skirt and boots 😉 and I recall that I wore them, too.

Was it an important meet-up?

Heck, yes.  We’ve been together 45 years – and married 43 of those… Salute to happiness and ‘it’s all good, most of the time.’

While the Kondo honcho of de-cluttering your home suggests…

Do you think I’m tossing those lucky boots? No way. Not. Ever. Never! Those boots are never walking away, though they did that night…

Dude followed me, quizzed me (‘what’s your favorite candy bar?’, ‘who’s your favorite rock group,’ etc.)… He says I was high and I deny that he was wrong – hahahaha!

I must have passed the test because he took me home and played the brand new album by Traffic. I’d never heard it, but, again, I passed the test. That album will never be Kondo-tossed either. Though music has moved forward into Spotify, etc., that album marks history.

Because we both recall all of the dynamic details, so you think it was ‘love at first sight?’

Congratulations! You rocked the test, too. Not gonna toss your friendship, you insightful person!

BTW, if you desire answers and details, ask me in a comment on this post. I promise to tell you, because recalling is better-than-great!

Admit it. You’re curious – Ask about the night I was rocking the boots!

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2 Comments on “Life as a Miracle: Rocking the Boots

  1. I love it!
    My husband and I met when I was taking the 1980 Census and was directed to his apartment. I took him home with me for a hot meal and he washed the dishes–that was it, we’ve never been separated again (he is also a marijuana fan).

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