Life as a Miracle – Working Wardrobes for a New Start

Life as a Miracle – Working Wardrobes for a New Start

I’ve already written about new year resolutions. Here’s a re-start, a new start, and – hopefully – not a false start.

After about a dozen years’ hiatus, I’ve returned to volunteerism with a non-profit called Working Wardrobes.

I’ve always been a bit of a clothes horse, particularly a lover of shoes.

My return to wardrobing women-in-need is tenuous because, as a Baby Boomer, I have gimpy ankles and knees. 2019 was a year of rehab, including physical therapy, acupuncture, and loads of Tylenol and Advil. I have become a mini queen of pain.

I am also a queen of miracles. Happy circumstances that just, well, happen.

A chance FB memory post of a twelve-year-old photo of a group of volunteers – honored for an award – was posted by the founder of Working Wardrobes for a New Start. I spied my smiling self… and, upon closer view, a blouse that I still owned after a major purge of my clothing.

Do ye see me?

I private messaged her a “Happy New Year” and she replied. One thing led to another as we messaged back-and-forth… Within days I’d agreed to return as a personal shopper volunteer at Working Wardrobes for a New Start. Jeri Rosen is convincing, good at dispensing compliments, and the one-one work with a woman re-entering the workforce is more rewarding than I can state.

I’ve only been to the facility twice. It was a remarkable experience. I helped several women, including me, re-start, refresh, renew.

Here’s the non-profit’s website: It’s authentic and true. You may donate cash and/or clothing, interact with clients, or become a client yourself. You may shop in one of their stores, which gleans from the best of the clothing donations, to fund the non-profit’s efforts. Btw, with the increasing rotation of soldiers, male and female, at Camp Pendleton, there’s an active component titled NetVet.


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6 Comments on “Life as a Miracle – Working Wardrobes for a New Start

    • thanks, yet sad news to report. A fire obliterated the nonprofit’s building, including the boutique where I volunteered as a ‘personal shopper’. That explains why I’ve only volunteered two times.

      Major fundraising campaign going on – and then I will return. This wonderful place has been helping women and men returning to the workforce a long, long time. It is worthy.

  1. PJ, I just love your heart. Thank your for sharing – and also, that picture could’ve been taken yesterday. I think you look great. 🙂

    I checked out the website; what a devastating fire! I love the spirit of resilience and growth. Great organization to support.

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