Life as A Miracle: Purdue Party Meet

Life as a Miracle – it’s a great way to live. Filled with wonder, in-the-moment, unfettered and free, it fuels peace, love, joy, and contentment.

Speaking of peace, love, joy, and contentment, as well as the miracles of life, here’s the tale of a chance meeting that altered the path of my life: the night I met The Man.

He was stationed at the beer keg of the Grad Dorm party, an event to which each had been invited. He later shared that it was his always-strategy at parties. Rather than mingle, he was stationary: never out of drink, never without company, able to survey the room. All of the single ladies eventually entered his orbit. Most lingered, but I did not. I wafted off, high-as-a-kite (his story. I don’t recall. That’s my testimony and I’m sticking to it.)

He tracked me down. His conversational strategy was a series of questions about my favorites on a dichotomized list:

  • Beatles or Rolling Stones
  • Milky Way or Snickers
  • And so it went

When he learned I’d never heard of Traffic (a band, Constant Reader, not a foreshadowing of where we’d live in a few years – California), he invited me back to his place. Who was I to disagree? I was under the influence – his  😆

When we went to breakfast to sample the famous omelets assembled and served with the gang by Larry’s best friend, I giggled and laughed and enjoyed…

Until I looked at the home down the street…where I’d left my car to walk to the party. Inside my car were the worldly possessions I’d loaned the bad boyfriend I’d abandoned at the party. Gulp. It wasn’t hard to dump that dude, but, but I wonder how I retrieved the car keys to drive home?

Home to Valparaiso, 90 miles away. I still shake my head in wonder that I knew of the party – I’d graduated in late December, holidayed with my family in Carmel, and moved to my new job. The near-Valentine’s Day party was my first return to Purdue.

God worked some miracle, I’m sure, because I wasn’t the over-bold type any more than I was habitually cautionless and unkind.

I recall the date precisely and so does Lar. He’d taken out a whole life insurance policy that day. He was primed.










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4 comments on “Life as A Miracle: Purdue Party Meet
  1. Peggy P Edwards says:

    There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as if everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

  2. PJ Colando says:

    YAY Peggy, you know the quote! This has been the basis of intermittent blog posts for several years. I revel in the fact that I readily recognize the miracle in the moment. It is a great way of seeing, a great way of believing, the best way of living.

    I may even compile them into a book. Whaddayathink?

  3. Peggy P Edwards says:

    I think you should do it.
    Just yesterday we experienced a miracle. We were told to clear our patio for a power cleaning. Our patio has become our outdoor living room. We didn’t think it could be possible. But yesterday, in a matter of two hours, our son with the help of a day laborer cleared the patio in a couple of hours. My husband, who could not help much, and I exclaimed, “It’s a miracle.” Not only for us, the day laborer left us with a huge smile after we paid him for his excellent and miraculous labor.

  4. PJ Colando says:

    Yeah for a magical son, a dedicated day laborer, abundant cash, and a can-do attitude!

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