Spiced Cider, Venus, and Mars –

Spiced Cider, Venus, and Mars –

I wore Estee Lauder lipstick for years. The color was Spiced Cider. Women loved it and complimented it universally. My husband never said a word.

He just kissed me 😎 Who was I to complain?

Colorful lips were useful in my career as a speech-language pathologist. Vibrant and cheerful, lipstick of rose with a touch of spice drew attention to my mouth. Thus, the small children knew where to focus attention. My mouth, where I was modeling the production of sounds for them to make.

Stop. Press your lips together to form m-m-m. Now, ‘pop’ them to form ‘p’. Feel the difference? Now form ‘b’. Subtle, almost impossible to hear, but very discernable on the lips. Now you’ve a mini-course in Phonetic 101.

I also wore big earrings to complete the zone of interest and attention as I modeled the sound the speech-language disabled children needed to form. The movement, the jazz, the surprise were also part of the fun.

Estee Lauder discontinued Spiced Cider years ago, after rumors among cosmetic counter girls circulated for years. I bought every last tube at several departments stores. I had a significant stash.

But finally the cache ran out and I was consigned to finding the next best thing…. A smooth imitation by a higher-priced cosmetic retailer was a fail, as was the environmentally-commendable lipstick by Burt’s Bees.  My lapsed buy beleagered Burt’s bees, but not me.

As you may/may not, I recently endured a minor remodel/refresh of our master bath. I’d had to remove everything from the shelves, drawers, and cabinet, which was no minor task. My husband and I packed fast.


A couple of weeks ago, as each makeup item reclaimed its place, I began rifling all the contents of the plastic storage boxes stowed under the sink. Among some out-dated makeup, I found a tube of Spice Cider lipstick! Eureka, I! I was ‘over the moon.’

Joy! I began to wear my favorite lipstick again.

My husband grimaced. My husband didn’t gather me into his arms for a kiss of those reds lips 😉 “I don’t like that shade of red,” he said as he wriggled away… Yet another example that men are fickle and reside in another plane: Mars. They sometimes fail to recognize their Venus. 😉


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4 Comments on “Spiced Cider, Venus, and Mars –

  1. I taught English and Spanish throughout my career, so I know what you mean on finding ways to get your students to make the right sound — like the English th or Spanish r. That’s why the purpose of my book “Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet” is to find a Spanish-speaking partner who wants to learn English. We teach each other the sound system of our language. I hope to do the same some day with other languages.

  2. As a former Sweet Adeline, Red was the go-to color – alas the end of my last Estee in resorting to a little brush to gather the remains is Hot Kiss Shimmer ! Just say’n : )

    • omg – I did the same with what I thought was my final tube of Spiced Cider and I wished I’d thought of that years ago… lamenting all the Spiced Cider I’d squandered. Yay for tiny brushes as ‘shovels’ to mine the last of a beloved lipstick!

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