Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning! The time is here. The dirt must be cleared.

It’s common among some Californians to do a body cleanse, but not since my mother did it ritually, had I considered a house cleanse.

My mother’s chore list –

Turn the mattress, beat the rugs, stretch the sheer curtains that covered windows before blinds… the latter was my job. As the oldest child, I was deemed trustworthy with the wood frames ringed with sharply pointed tacks. My mother even washed the plaster walls and waxed the wood floor.

Those were the days – not so much 🙄

We’ve had more than a season of inclement weather in southern CA and I’ve been burdened with the blues. Gray clouds weeping rain are not my friend. I tell people that my brain feels as bleary as the skies when I fail to track conversation.

My smile droops. Sunshine brings cheer!


May I also add that we’ve endured a three-week master bedroom and bath refresh/renovation?

It all started with demolition of the tub and tile floors… may I please mention dust? Dust throughout the entire house, a full 1/4 inch thick and making me sneeze. Yikes!

Spring cleaning, California refresh style!

A blast from my adult past, not my childhood: https://pjcolandoblog.com/habits-final-word/


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2 comments on “Spring Cleaning
  1. Peggy P Edwards says:

    Yes, it must be a spring-cleaning instinct. As soon as the buds start popping out on the red bud tree I get an indomitable urge to clean and strangely, my husband does too (He just finished an exhausting job of cleaning the porcelain stove top, so is off for a siesta). I have to quit now as I must vacuum.

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