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Acupuncture: 99 Needles in Me

Acupuncture. A blending of heaven and hell. And, here we are, close to Halloween.

The feeling on my shoulder, knees, neck, and ankle is not like thousands of twigs. None of them tingle or cause me to shimmy, cringe, and/or shake, though the occasional needle insertion causes me to cry “ouch!”… ...

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Boomer Humor Taboo

pool humorSomeone told me a long time ago, perhaps my dad, the superior punster: sense of humor changes as you progress through the years.

Topics that make you LOL differ at age 26 versus 62…BUT I’m swimmingly unappreciative of this cartoon.… ...

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Scarf It Up!

I once had a near-Nordstrom experience with Jessica Simpson, the smartest ‘dumb blonde’ of our generation. I walked by the South Coast Plaza store just as she dashed to her limousine and sped off. Cosmic timing a little off, I felt certain that she’s the one who missed out.… ...

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“Happy as Larry”

Greetings in America, a land of congeniality. In other parts of our country not blessed by irrepressible sunshine, people converse about weather. I’ve shared the jaw-dropping, weather-related comments of some of our visitors from Elsewhere in America in another post. They left us aghast.… ...

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Social Life

I relish my momma’s advice because I so seldom got any; she was a busy homemaker. Every word was cash in the bank, kept in memory for all it was worth. Because it was always pithy and true, a keeper.

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”; “You are judged by the company you keep, so choose wisely”; “Waste not, want not”; and so it went.… ...

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