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Apollo – and the Moon – Prevails

Apollo, the Moon – and the American Spirit Prevails!

Though everyone can recite Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man, one giant step for mankind”, as he stepped onto the surface of the moon…arguably the most famous Apollo flight was riddled with mistakes – and aptly named Apollo Thirteen.… ...

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Tragedy and Comedy are Roommates –

“Tragedy and comedy are roommates”, said one of the comedians who performed post-9/11. That night, to help bring New Yorkers back from grief, to move them forward, a blessed inch, beyond sorrow. ‘Laugh until you cry’ probably happened for every body, every eye during his performance that night.… ...

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All-American Sugar

I saw an article in the July-August issue of Popular Mechanics, which proudly proclaims in a small box on the cover that it’s been America’s magazine since 1902. Do the math – that’s over a hundred years. It’s one of my husband’s favorite, one of the last of its kind.… ...

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Costco Community

Costco cart


Costco shopping would be a great work out plan…if it weren’t for all of the food vendor carts with samples. Small bites of this and small bites of that can add up to pounds of padding. Yum – let me pause to snack rather than stack the cart! ...

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