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Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away

“Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away”

There is a trifecta of remembrances, regrets, and remorse in this cluster of items on our coffee table. There may also be a pun, the fun that is always, always within/without me, too.… ...

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Words & Music: Rock ‘n Roll

What was the soundtrack of your coming of age?

For my husband and I, it was rock ‘n roll, a genre that was reportedly named by a radio DJ in Cleveland, a city in the Midwest, near our roots states of Indiana and Michigan.… ...

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Eight Days a Week

14721584_10208939199370796_7402334749186930301_nSo, my husband and I didn’t Desert Trip┬álast weekend.

That is, pay $1600/ticket – and then some – for good food, wine, and a place to rest concert-weary bones for Friday and Saturday nights. It was a pre-eminent experience for our friends who did – and brought me this teeshirt.… ...

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Woodstock Nation: taking personal stock

woodstock-inside-3How would you have liked to awaken to the “Star Spangled Banner,” rendered on guitar by a black guitarist, one who invented a new way to work the strings with his overlong thumb? One who famously set his guitar on fire, actually as well as metaphorically.… ...

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

As an avid Beatlemaniac, I have long agreed that the Beatles transformed the world. From men’s hairstyles to social attitudes to musical innovation, their hands touched more than our hearts and their musical instruments.


But who knew that the world’s most famous fossil was named after a Beatles song?… ...

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…”when I’m 64″

Sgt. Pepper's Band

We were celebrating a big birthday and an ‘all-clear’ from cancer for me. My husband and I had also endured an intense period of deaths, pitfalls, and passages in the prior year, and we needed to culminate our grieving with some kind of commemorative trophy.… ...

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The Beatles came to America for my birthday, many years ago. They didn’t know it, but I did. That is the way of Fame – no thought for my existence.

George Harrison famously asserted that the Beatles didn’t want to be famous – they wanted to be successful.… ...

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