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The Furor of de fuehrer

The furor of de Fuehrer. Have you experienced, witnessed, or been the target of an attack?

How do you prepare, defend, or deny the attack of The Boss? Every family has one – bullies bombast, ignite, and control. They lord it over others.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Dr. John

The first person I told was Dr. John. Just inside the door of his home.

His eyes softened instantly and he paused. My entry demeanor was not typical ‘let’s party PJ’, though that’s why I’d come. He hugged me lightly, folded his arms across his chest, and then cocked his head.… ...

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A Safe Place


“I put it in a safe place.”

How many of you have done this? Put an important item in a ‘safe place’, and then moved on with the hurly-burly of life, and…were unable to locate the item when needed, bewildered?

I’ve learned to relax for several days, letting the notion of the misplaced float in the periphery of my brain and voila!… ...

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