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Woosh! Friendship lost and regained. Whew!

Woosh. All the air left Bonnie’s lungs. The moments-ago lobby scene with Jackie was bad—well, she admitted it had been a fight. Not like the grasping-and-clawing, utterly gross mudwrestling Bonnie had glimpsed during an online search for one of Pastor Rankin’s sermons, but it couldn’t have been described as a discussion, either.… ...

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A Riff on ‘Better Red than Dead’ – with Blue Jeans

PJ Colando

It’s said that redheads’ personalities have to be constantly, carefully managed –

I disagree. I’m blonde. I’m female, I’m human, I’m as insecure as the next. We all have to be carefully managed in the world. It’s become blasty-nasty out here.… ...

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I had a beauty make-over in the 80s at Image Works with my splendid friend, Sandi Clark. The purpose was to authenticate my adulthood, my move from co-ed to professional woman, if you will.

  • she added lipstick to ‘bring color to my face’, overriding the ’70s bare lips look
  • she insisted that I tweeze my eyebrows and
  • she suggested that I color my hair red

While I adopted the first, I declined #2 and #3.… ...

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Thump Trump

Hi, my name is Amy. We’ve met before. Foxie moxie, as you recall. If you don’t – and even if you do – read the archive:  https://pjcolandoblog.com/amys-sassin/

I am an outspoken bodacious chicka. Some say I’ve got —–. PJ Colando knows that better than most.… ...

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Red Ferrari

It was a day threatening to rain more than the dabbles on our deck. It was also the day prior to a haircut… So I selected my orange fedora, blonde wisps peeking askew when I placed it atop my head. I got in my Mini Cooper to drive the freeway on errands.… ...

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$_35“I’m blonde; what’s your excuse?” says my license plate frame.

If you believe that, you are the dumb one and not me.

Get it? Perhaps it’s a writer thing, a precision vocabularist’s tic. Think about it. I’ll wait.

I am a supremely accepting person, with open interest for diverse people and things – I love to grow and learn. … ...

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Living Life as a Miracle with Innocent Blush

What would you name your favorite flush? Royal?royal flush

Our household’s new favorite flush is ‘Innocent Blush’, the color of the new toilet in our entry hall powder room.

There are many funny, awkward jokes embedded in that color name of a discontinued toilet.… ...

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No good deed goes unpunished

Good Deed

I first heard this statement in the summer of 1997. A wise mentor gave it voice after I’d written a ground-breaking grant and determined to shepherd its project to fruition. Naive person that I was, I learned its lesson hard.

Eight years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.… ...

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