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Politics is Universal and, as a Woman, it’s Personal

What was your favorite heroine, with her own fabulously and wildly successful series, when you were a childhood reader, my witty and wise women readers? Members of the Insecure Writers’ Support group – chime in! https://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com

I ask this not to be sexist or unkind, for I am neither, but because I write women’s fiction.… ...

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What’s good about a book, or two… or three?

I like learning. It keeps my mind fresh… which, in turn, propels me forward. Obliterate the mistakes of the past and/or reinforce lessons learned. Replenish one’s spirit and fast-forward along with the train that is barreling into the future. New information expands one’s opportunities and sparks re-investment in one’s self.

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Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away

“Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away”

There is a trifecta of remembrances, regrets, and remorse in this cluster of items on our coffee table. There may also be a pun, the fun that is always, always within/without me, too.… ...

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What’s in a name?

One of my friends’ favorite lines in HASHES & BASHES is this –

That girl’s name is Amy, a sequence of names in infamy, which is what she brought to all our lives.”

Referencing the conniving ex-daughter-in-law, Amy, who ended STASHES in the gray bar hotel and played no part of the HASHES & BASHES conflict.… ...

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Because a Little Bug Said Ka-Choo“Bucket List”… If I hear or read that term one more time, I’m gonna implode. I’ll kick a bucket, onto somebody’s head like one of the situations of “Because a Little Bug Said Kachoo!”,  the ‘butterfly effect’ written with nonsensical wit by Dr.… ...

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All’s Hammers

Lisa Genova's "Still Alice" and Matthew Thomas' "We Are Not Ourselves"

Lisa Genova's "Still Alice" and Matthew Thomas' "We Are Not Ourselves"Alzheimer’s Disease has been a focus of the books I’ve read of late: Still Alice and We are Not Ourselves, a novel written by a UCI MFA that seemed like a son’s family tale, not fiction, unveiled in excruciating detail.… ...

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