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Marketing Advice: Find Your Target Audience

When I began writing as a hobbyist in 2010, I didn’t predict the endeavor as encore career.

I just wanted to have fun.

After all, I adored my speech-language pathologist practice: I gave for living. I’d lived a purpose-filled life long before Rick Warren made it a religion.… ...

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Wear the pearls, use the good silver –

PJ Colando
“Wear the pearls, use the good silver, don’t wait for a rainy day.”

Words my mother said as she cruised the displayed wedding gifts at our reception. We married in the living room of my parents’ home, with the reception in the dining room, where a sliding patio door splayed guests out-of-doors to sip non-alcoholic punch and eat strawberry shortcake.… ...

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Online ordering replacing Mall shopping

READ IT! READ IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!, the news boys of New York used to say. People grabbed newspapers for a pence or a dime. Now they pay nothing and read on their phones.


This article intrigued me several months ago.… ...

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The Benefits of a fitbit

Are you fit? Even a little bit, if not a lot?

Are you keeping the middle-age fat monster at bay? The bad animal who climbed, uninvited, into your cells to slow your metabolism? The fink!

If ever there was something to rage about age, this is it… I desire a return to my teenage metabolism.… ...

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There was an Old Lady – and she was thee!

Sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes there are more.
Authors hear much about keywords when it comes to Amazon sales. I written about that in the past.
Today’s blog has another tasty treat: the continued alphabetical list of phrases I recall from my misspent youth.… ...
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There was an Old Lady and she was me!

Way back in April I riffed on The Media, the whipping boy/girl of the current regime: https://pjcolandoblog.com/the-media/

Thanks to television, it was easy to pick up what was new and cool when we were tweens/teens/twenty-somethings. Remember?

Kick back and getcha groove on, baby.… ...

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I have this teeshirt. I don’t wear it much. Not many of my peer peeps ‘get’ it. Any more than they ‘get’ Irony.

Since I am of the Boomer age, many peers are wrinkly, which may causally relate…  Though one would think differently after looking at a picture of a brain, the body part where irony resides, which is decidedly wrinkly inside our pate.… ...

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Boomer Humor Taboo

pool humorSomeone told me a long time ago, perhaps my dad, the superior punster: sense of humor changes as you progress through the years.

Topics that make you LOL differ at age 26 versus 62…BUT I’m swimmingly unappreciative of this cartoon.… ...

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Monumental Shrink

Raise your hand if you’ve been measured during a health physical recently, and then informed with that bland, benign smile that only doctors and judges wear, that you’ve shrunk?

It’s what happened while you were walking around all these years, perhaps experiencing pats and/or bats on the head.… ...

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Look me in the eye

What I said in my outside voice: “Hi, good to see you again.”eyelid

What I said inside my head: “Look me in the eye, not the lids”, while the woman, an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in some time, scrutinized the space between my pupils and brows…focused on my eyelids while she blathered peppy inane.… ...

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