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New Year’s Resolutions, Version 1.0

New Year’s Resolutions, Version 1.0 – here goes nothing (wink-wink)

Last year I flew to Indiana twice. One time the travel was bumpy. The other time it was not.

Interestingly, the first trip went smoothly, serenely between the plane there and the plane ride back…

Conversely, the second trip’s air miles were smooth, while the time with family and friends was fraught.… ...

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Weathering Social Agenda, the Storm Our Times

My husband and I have no social agenda except to have and be a “nice time”.

“Nice time” = It was Larry’s frequent phrase and I instantly ascribed.

When we converted ourselves to California-ism, it became easier to achieve: our new state offered increased choices for leisure.… ...

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Traffic and Trust

“How can they allow motorcycles between the cars on the freeways? What if someone opened their cardoor?”

This question/comment from a Colorado visitor long before the state legalized dope… Yikes!

$_35Neither my husband or I replied. How could we? We were/are not ‘they’ and the imbecilic notion of opening one’s car door while going 65+ mph couldn’t be touched politely.… ...

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I had a beauty make-over in the 80s at Image Works with my splendid friend, Sandi Clark. The purpose was to authenticate my adulthood, my move from co-ed to professional woman, if you will.

  • she added lipstick to ‘bring color to my face’, overriding the ’70s bare lips look
  • she insisted that I tweeze my eyebrows and
  • she suggested that I color my hair red

While I adopted the first, I declined #2 and #3.… ...

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Strawberry Blonde


“What did you do to your hair?” my mother said.

I blinked at the remark.. I wasn’t prone to mirror reflection, growing up matter-of-fact about my appearance. Just like her, my model.

We’d vacationed in California, and I had enjoyed my week in the sun, thriving.… ...

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Blue Bird of Happiness

images-1Happiness is craved, for me as much as anyone, I confess.

In search of evermore accurate ways of quantifying human happiness, researchers at the University of Vermont have tuned into Twitter. Seriously, the Hollywood hype forum has come under academic scrutiny.… ...

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Green and red

CAJun1978Prop13.svgHere’s a map of California, showing the counties in which 62.5% of the voters passed Prop 13. Look at the red: a small land mass lost to big consequences for green, as in money.

Larry and I were in California, seeking jobs, when Prop 13 passed in 1978.… ...

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Here it is, at last, a brand new book for your shelf!

Bug Book

Oh, that’s right!

In California we don’t have bugs, though our small garden could use some help…other than the birds, raccoons, and squirrels helping themselves to our produce.

Suggestions anyone?… ...

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