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Language has Power and that’s Why I Write

The inciting question: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power… when my little sister’s first words were, “Patty did it.” Thus, we have why I write:

  •   Because I’m compelled by blood. I honor my heredity: my parents and their highly literate minds.
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Simple, simple, simple

My Boomer friends and I are fuming. It feels better to be fribbly fuss-budget than be-fuddled. Agreed?

Our griping may be similar to the Angry White Man diatribes, the male version of snark, about Every Thing that’s Wrong with America.… ...

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The boys raced to the park. They saw the swings, but sped past to the slide, a giant on red stilts. It had sides to hold the scared kids who flew back to earth in its chute. It called them to mount up and not fret for the mom whose hands they had slipped. … ...

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