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Life as a Miracle: Lost and Found

A fan/friend told me that she relishes the tales I write from life…

luckyI do, too. Especially when it comes to citing miracles. What follows is among the best, one that shouts ‘luck of the Irish’, followed by a chaser of champagne or beer.… ...

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Life as a Road Trip Miracle

It was a spectacular summer day in Hoosierland, and we were on the fly. Radio rocking our rental car, zooming at 75 mph on the Interstate, slicing Midwestern humidity like a butter knife.

We’d landed at O’Hare a couple of days earlier, intent on re-connecting first with old friends in Wilmette, Illinois.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: a trip to the Holy Land

The over-large postcard arrived in the mail, heraldingĀ an appealing offer: the maiden voyage of a Celebrity cruise, an eight-day Mediterranean itinerary that included the Holy Land.


Two days in Israel, not a large country, but laden with Christian treasures and barricaded by strife.… ...

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