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Competent Ones

We are the competent ones. We are the ones who carry on, who become stoic instead of hysterical, the ones who shoulder a weight like it is nothing, nothing at all. We are the ones who make it right for everyone, who don’t say no if you need help, but almost always say no to ourselves.… ...

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“You be the doctor! You be the doctor!”

medicine“You be the doctor! You be the doctor!”

I don’t recall what I said prior, but the doc said this in wild, rapid retort. I think that he was abashed because, after I’d waited twenty minutes after being ushered into the exam room, after waiting twenty minutes in the waiting room for his first appointment in the morning, I opened the exam room door to peek, wondering what was up – to witness his rush past me in the hall, with downcast eyes and shower-wet hair.… ...

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