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Living Life as a Miracle: US

On Monday I shared my view of an enormously satisfying event and I hope that you’ve been graced with sighting it, too: a Taurid meteor shower. What a treat of Nature! “Look! Up in the sky, it’s —-!”  https://pjcolandoblog.com/you-are-a-shooting-star/

Ten years ago, Larry and I celebrated another unearthly magical night, an arena rock event with music that soared into space.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Arena Rock

images-2The guttural, low-toned chant of “Br-r-u-u-ce!” chilled me as it reverberated the Coliseum. Lar and I stood in front of our folding chairs, among others filing on the grass field to densely emulate chalk lines. The scene was not the Olympics, for these has passed through LA the year prior.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle at a Quarter to Three

My homework done, I was listening to WLS, as legendary a radio station in Chicago and its surrounds as KMET was in LA. Dick Biondi was the dee jay, the musical tour guide.

There was only one radio in our country house, so I couldn’t sequester in my room to listen and learn dance steps – nor could my family escape the volume.… ...

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I like to pick my own part.









 … ...

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