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Life as a Miracle: Connected to J

There’s a dear person. I’ve known her for five-six years. She married a son of my husband’s cousin, with whom Larry grew up as a sister, because his two sisters were much older than him – moved away from home to attend higher learning schools by the time Larry entered first grade.… ...

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Stashes by PJ Colando

small STASHES Hi PJ,

I wanted you to know that I just finished your book and enjoyed it very much. You always had such fun with words and this was still was very evident in Stashes. There was a combination of complexity and playfulness that reminded me of the Patti I used to know....

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Close encounter of a new kind: Starbucks Nation

UnknownI’m as addicted as anyone to my cuppa…Starbucks Chai Tea. Skinny please.

Especially when in the midst of a string of out-and-about errands. While I didn’t have many city streets to trek, I had a list of errands as long as my forearm.… ...

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Conversational Repair Strategies

Conversation is an essential social endeavor, at the heart of being human. Conversation is dialogue, not monologue, though some people seem not to know it. It is also not diatribe, for anger just isn’t that interesting. It does not create ties that bind.… ...

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Light another candle

“Thank u to u and ur husband for one of the nicest dinners out I have ever enjoyed by myself!”

Her wig was disheveled and obvious to a chemo survivor like me, and she was scrunched tight into the corner table, dining with an i-Phone facebook page.… ...

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