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Creative Outlets for Me and Thee


Hmnn… The question of the day creates joy in me! I love to expound on my plethora of talents and tries and transient exuberances, my all things creative pastimes.

Note that word within a word: past. Most of my creative outlets have been ‘single semester’ toss-asides.… ...

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Controlled Chaos

imagesMy desk is like my mind – an interesting, colorful chaos prevails.

I like it that way.

My mind and desk are organized; I can find most things rapidly.

I like it that way, too.

Creative whirlwind types, like me, can compartmentalize.

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Encore Career

Writing is my ‘encore career’, a phrase I discovered today on a Baby Boomer ‘life transitions’ site.

Applause, please, from the audience!!!!clapping

I’ve written thousands of clinical reports…and some of them contained fabulous fiction, I’ve observed numerous times. I’ve never lied, but I have amplified the facts to convince an insurer to pay.… ...

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People who need people


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