I may or may not always be an insecure writer – such is the nature of the beast – but I know that my style, creativity, and aplomb have evolved since I started writing free 7-8 years ago.

What began as a quest to accomplish wishes not yet explored in my life – like playing the French Horn or rollerskating with grace, balance, and finesse or writing without the prescribed stricture of clinical reports (I was a speech-language pathologist and had written thousands and thousands and thousands, some with fabulous fiction on the page 😉 – has turned into an encore career.… ...

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disorganizedHabit #4: being disorganized = creative

Messy, discombobulated spaces people sound as if they’re making up a lame excuse by stating how disorder fosters creativity. Disarray they claim as their muse.

My husband Larry and I don’t make excuses. We are avowed ‘piles people’, fortunate that our home has plenty of square footage to sustain our creativity as well as ample space to entertain friends.… ...

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