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My dietary aspirations have taken a pratfall again. It’s not my fault; it’s self-licensing.

Never heard of the inherent human travail before? Here’s your definition of the Word of the Day: n. The unconscious tendency to allow yourself to do something bad after you’ve done something good. ...

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Boundaries and Space

The devil personified always seemed to be seated on my left side when she hissed fiery, false words directly at my face multiple times last year. I could almost feel her spite, er, her spit’s splash.

Each time my breath felt sucked from my chest…thank God, she wasn’t a vampire at my neck.… ...

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Hyperbolic Discourse


adjective: 1. Of or pertaining to hyperbole. 2. Of or pertaining to hyperbola.


From Greek hyperbole (excess), from hyperballein (to exceed), from hyper- + ballein (to throw). Earliest documented use: 1646, 1676. (wow – before there were American politicians, media, and policy wonks)


Logic suggests that when you employ hyperbole in your discourse, you are doing what a devil does (to throw), etymologically speaking. … ...
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