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Life as a Miracle: Tiny Cupcake

A diet began. Not out of preference, but out of necessity: I have no willpower and my weight had punched up. Groan.  😐

Yeah, my body was more than over-plump. I’d edged into fat. A while ago, but it was time.… ...

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My dietary aspirations have taken a pratfall again. It’s not my fault; it’s self-licensing.

Never heard of the inherent human travail before? Here’s your definition of the Word of the Day: n. The unconscious tendency to allow yourself to do something bad after you’ve done something good. ...

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images-2Cars honking, leaf blower buzzing, ambulance chasing, copters chopping, radios blasting, dogs barking, toddlers wailing, a murder of crows cawing at a bobcat strolling the ‘hood… what do these have in common?

No, this is not a parody of the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, Constant Reader; the common feature is NOISE! ...

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Sincerely Yours

fiction in 50Dear Diet,

Let’s break up. I didn’t lose the doc’s recommended ten pounds last year.

Instead I’ve added three more since New Year’s.

It’s a weighty matter – I give up.

I’ll lose weight when I quit you. After all I’ve lost pounds in my pocketbook.… ...

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Dietary Con-foods-ion

Dietary Con-foods-ion

healthy-dietI recently attended a health seminar, focused on the elements of best dietary practice for Youngsters, Elders, and Ever-youngs like me. Here’s the pithy list, most often polysyllabic words that my mind can’t digest. Can yours? It’s dietary con-foods-ion time:

  • Ginger: 1 g/day
  • Boswellia: 150 mg 3X day
  • Benfotiamine: 150 – 1000 mg/day
  • Alpha-lipoic acid: 800 – 1600 mg/day
  • EFA + DHA: 2-4 g/day
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine: 1-2 g/day
  • Berberine: 300 mg 30 min.
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