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If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem –

People are prone to opinions, but like the pigs in the famous satiric book about society, Animal Farm, some people are more entitled to their opinions than others. For example, people of a certain age, like me.

We are Boomers, people who’ve lived at least 50-60 years, through the ebb-and-flow of incidents, accidents, and tasks of earning a living.… ...

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What’s your choice: Piracy or Obscurity?

Ahoy, mates! Avast and argh-h!

Here’s Wikipedia’s photo of “Cap’n Slappy” and “Ol’ Chumbucket”, dudes who founded International Talk like a Pirate Day in 1995 (!) They’re celebrating today – are you? Check their site: http://www.talklikeapirate.com/

Ready to rock your accent on September 19?… ...

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Spender Bender

My husband and I saved money after gaining it the good old-fashioned American way:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAMRXqQXemU

We moved to the land of Opportunity that California was in 1979, a bit behind the steep climb in housing prices, fantastic career opportunities, but we planted-and-thrived anyway, coincident to the year the Smith Barney TV commercial aired.… ...

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Prescient lack of character

Did you hear that I published a book? Seriously, everyone who knows me knew I would – I have a ‘completion thing’.

The term stems from one of the few movie dialogue lines I can recite -“I don’t have a completion thing” – it’s brevity a key to its clarity.… ...

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My husband took me and house guests on an LA field trip the other day. We went to see the Endeavor.

Awesome, cherished, and embraced as embodiment of American know-how and fundamental sharing – what a spectacular vehicle to view up close and personal.… ...

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