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Frigid Stare

Frigid stare.

If I parked a sparkly new Corvette on our freezer’s eye level shelf or deposited a shiny diamond in the vegetable crisper, my husband would just hold the door open and gape. For seconds which seem like days. In full view of a wife who wants to save on electric bills.… ...

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My dietary aspirations have taken a pratfall again. It’s not my fault; it’s self-licensing.

Never heard of the inherent human travail before? Here’s your definition of the Word of the Day: n. The unconscious tendency to allow yourself to do something bad after you’ve done something good. ...

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Panera’s Gray Panther Clientelle

I belong to a writer group that convenes each Thursday morning at Panera Bread. We are not part of the Starbucks clan: we prefer a full menu of ‘feed your face’ options.

While not all of the writers are Boomers, post-careerists who have plenty of time, I noticed as I perused Panera, that many of its clientele are – Gray Panthers who want to dine out, not in, and the healthy wholesomeness of Panera resounds.… ...

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