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PJ’s Prose is like ____

“Colando‚Äôs prose is energetic in style and often musical in tone, displaying a keen awareness of image and rhythm… The Winner’s Circle is a stylish, comic tale about unexpected changes in life.”

Who wrote this, you ask? My mother, my husband, my best friends?… ...

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I used to work with public school special needs children. It was way back when, before personal computers, let alone i-Pads at everyone’s desk. It was also the days of plentitude in California, when every element of education was free – even the paper and pencils....

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Life as the Wheel of Fortune

I made several attempts to post this sign so that all of the message words showed, but the edges remained clipped. I’ve decided to post it as is…for isn’t this an apt depiction of daily life?!! We seldom are able to read all of the signs fully, readily, clearly....

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