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Acupuncture: 99 Needles in Me

Acupuncture. A blending of heaven and hell. And, here we are, close to Halloween.

The feeling on my shoulder, knees, neck, and ankle is not like thousands of twigs. None of them tingle or cause me to shimmy, cringe, and/or shake, though the occasional needle insertion causes me to cry “ouch!” I’m not going to be blown with the wind.… ...

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Five Easy Ways to Fake Out a fitbit

I never said you were a cheater nor did I confess to the act myself.

But a 5000 step goal can seem like too steep a mountain to climb, let alone the weight loss recommendation of 10,000.┬áLean and fit people don’t need a fitbit reminder to achieve.… ...

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The Benefits of a fitbit

Are you fit? Even a little bit, if not a lot?

Are you keeping the middle-age fat monster at bay? The bad animal who climbed, uninvited, into your cells to slow your metabolism? The fink!

If ever there was something to rage about age, this is it… I desire a return to my teenage metabolism.… ...

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Twelfth Morn

I hated to do it, but it needed to be done.

I tossed out the final Christmas cookies, dipped pretzels, chex mix, and fudge. We had already eaten nearly all of the treats – and you can tell, because the pounds are all around me.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: The Yoga Path



This series of events occurred about ten years ago, in what seems like in a different century rather than recent past. It was an ambitious time in life, when everything was open and possible. It was my Saturday morning ritual to walk the two miles to a yoga facility in the local shopping mall.… ...

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