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Facebook Stalkers, Voyeurs, Fans, and Friends

Life as a Miracle – I have many blog posts under that umbrella. I plan to anthologize the numerous tales – all true – in a book. Will you buy it?


You don’t have to be an Einstein to note this juxtaposition of beliefs, this duality of truths and decisions of how to live.… ...

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#4 = Social Media Know-how and Who

Hello, Constant Reader – are you back for more? What a glutton for punishment you are… sometimes writing feels like a prison sentence, not the free expression I crave.

After you’ve written the best prose you can, you need to be a hero for yourself.… ...

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Success Theater

This new term came to me in a Word Spy email, the urban dictionary that is keeping this older chick hip… well, actually my mouth is keeping me hipper, by eating all the stuff 🙁  But I digress as I speak of my propensity to ingest (laugh now)
My husband and I helped to decorate a Rose Parade float last week, an energetically fulfilling volunteer endeavor.
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