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The BE Attitudes of Preventing Writers Block


  • Be aware of why you write. Check and recheck daily.
  • Be willing to fail… you’ll be able to, so enjoy it (ha-ha).
  • Be in the moment with the muse. Amuse him/her. Feed her chocolates and wine and roses and music… anything and everything!
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Fourth Grade

Fourth GradeFourth grade marked my life with three events that vibrate in my heart and mind to this day. I wish I had a better eraser.

  1. I moved to a new school. Friends were hard to make. While I’d moved when I was two years old, then again when I was six, this one was more difficult.
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Life as the Wheel of Fortune

I made several attempts to post this sign so that all of the message words showed, but the edges remained clipped. I’ve decided to post it as is…for isn’t this an apt depiction of daily life?!! We seldom are able to read all of the signs fully, readily, clearly....

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