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Living Life as a Miracle: at the Airport AGAIN!

There was a time when my husband flew so much on business that he could have sprouted wings.wings


After all he is ‘the best man alive’, my angel.

As he did his sales work in Elsewhere, USA, he amassed so many frequent flier miles that, even after his seven years of retirement, we still roust about the country on points.… ...

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Design-Quote-inspiring-leadership-quotes-wallpaper_thumb  I yield to my husband, the master of details, while I perceive the nuances and the big picture. We each give the other RESPECT. as experienced in our partnership of faith, truth, and love.

Oh, and great peace.… ...

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Tough Love

Tough Love


Several years ago a sister whispered, “I didn’t get the empathy gene,” in a wistful tone of exposition. The stunning confession is tape-recorded in my memory, a specialty from my profession and a childhood spent in vigilance.It explained a lot of things.… ...

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