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Life as a Miracle: a Triumphant Use of My College Degree

If you don’t recall what transpired in yesterday’s installment, look back. Now – it was the preamble to this valiant tale, the day I empowered my mother. I didn’t intend to take sides but as a certified speech-language pathologist –  and daughter #1 – how could I not act?...

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Life as a Miracle: My Mother Speaks Up

My mother was known for speaking her mind, a trait that I apparently inherited – read on!

That particular day, it was good thing was that I was painting my mother’s fingernails. My head was bent to the task, so I didn’t look up.… ...

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Happy Father’s Day Forever: “You’re the best daughter…”

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoI’ve written before about the ultimate affirmation I received from my mother and my God. Sometimes, due to the control she wielded over the entire household – our schedule, our food, our feelings – Mother reigned as a god, the ultimate orchestrator of life as I knew it.… ...

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Sunday Driver

Sunday Driver: “One who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing.”

'67 Chevy

Every Sunday afternoon, I recall clearly because I was at the “I want to learn to drive” age, my family went for a leisurely country drive. I wanted a turn, but…No.… ...

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It’s been a remarkable year, with most of our friends and family back East snowed in and under by weather: withering heights of snow, entrenched anxiety and disheveled spirits. Daggers of ice dripping from eaves, threatening to drive stakes into Spring.… ...

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Knot again!

Knot again


Father’s Day is upon us again, and my husband and I have none. Our dads are gone, but not forgotten.

After my father entered the front gate of heaven, like my mother 21 months before him, we siblings and spouses joined in endeavor to clear the house where my parents had grown old, a noble ramshackle of family-building, then retirement, the only house they’d ever owned.… ...

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