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Life as a Miracle: LAX Crosswalk

airport-739311_640It was late night and I was alone. At LAX, a pinpoint on the daily passenger map, estimated back then at 50 million people a day. A minuscule ant among those traveling hither-thither-and-yon.

Scared. You bet I was. Even a near miss wouldn’t do: I needed to re-unite with my man.… ...

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images-2Well, it took 30 years to arrive, but 1984 is here.

The novel was actually published in 1949, amidst the post WW2 euphoria. People thought George Orwell was dyspeptically grim, but it reached iconic, bestseller status anyway, infused with the universal paranoia that some men of letters are determined to feel.… ...

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Bel Canto



I went to a daylong literary event recently and came away with more than inspiration, knowledge, and new books.

I heard someone say that Ann Patchett’s book ‘Bel Canto’ was a happy book.

Now, perhaps, I will have the courage to read it…It was my mother’s nightstand book before a stroke sent her to a rehab facility for 5 months, and she never read again.… ...

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