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I’m a fiction writer… I lie for a living!

A year ago, our expensive supplemental insurance gave us a free membership to LA Fitness, so I became a gym-rat.

That is not a lie.

My husband is my personal trainer. That is fact, too.

What’s also fact is that I’m a woman of a certain age: not over the hill, but neither striving uphill or coasting down.… ...

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Literature and Lattes and a slice of Deva

Disclaimer: this may/may not be fiction and it’s one of the stories in my anthology, I AM… a character! https://www.amazon.com/I-AM-character-PJ-Colando-ebook/dp/B07N8L79VZ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1URQL5O6IS73X&keywords=i+am…+a+character+by+pj+colando&qid=1559074763&s=books&sprefix=I+Am…%2Caps%2C786&sr=1-1

Never take a dare after dark… From a woman who lives in a mad, mad world and feels impish to the core.… ...

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Constant Comment, my mother’s favorite tea

I smile and attempt to look harmlessly benign in public, lips sealed. However, I conduct constant inner commentary, which people’s antics often invite. The obviously odd thought patterns revealed in their remarks 😉

I’m often quite shocked, even non-plussed for them.… ...

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I don’t say “hella”

PJ Colando | Hashes & Bashes

“I like reading your book, PJ. I’m getting to know your personality better,” she said as she paddled and kicked in water aerobics class.

I smiled as I paddled and kicked, too. Nice to receive a direct reader compliment. She’d honored my endeavor of writing a book – a year-and-a-half of my life – by buying it, and now she gave me more.… ...

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Letter from Prison


The envelope was a bit crumpled, but I’m used to that in this demoralized era of the USPS. Ben Franklin would be appalled, joining present day politicians and citizens in their much public rants about “things aren’t as good as they used to be and the country’s going to hell.” I opened it in the blasé finger-rip fashion I always employ.… ...

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