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Frigid Stare

Frigid stare.

If I parked a sparkly new Corvette on our freezer’s eye level shelf or deposited a shiny diamond in the vegetable crisper, my husband would just hold the door open and gape. For seconds which seem like days. In full view of a wife who wants to save on electric bills.… ...

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Bye-bye Twinkies

It was 10:00 in the morning. My husband was away; we didn’t need any groceries, but I felt compelled to go to the store. I bought bananas, milk, and cereal although I’d already eaten breakfast after my morning walk.

The store had a tabletop display right in the middle of the checkout area.… ...

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Light another candle

“Thank u to u and ur husband for one of the nicest dinners out I have ever enjoyed by myself!”

Her wig was disheveled and obvious to a chemo survivor like me, and she was scrunched tight into the corner table, dining with an i-Phone facebook page.… ...

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