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There are rock festivals…and then there’s US

So, as you recall my husband and I recently attended the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, a cornerstone of rock stardom and celebration. Our two tickets cost the equivalent of our home mortgage monthly payment… it was our way of celebrating the closure of this ginormous debt, our monthly payments gone!… ...

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Fee or Free – do some of each to market

Fee or free depends as much on your time, your tolerance for uncertain outcomes, etc. as it does your budget.

While some authors swear by giveaway, other disdain the ploy. Sure, it’ll bump your Amazon ranking initially but over the long haul does it work?… ...

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Traffic and Trust

“How can they allow motorcycles between the cars on the freeways? What if someone opened their cardoor?”

This question/comment from a Colorado visitor long before the state legalized dope… Yikes!

$_35Neither my husband or I replied. How could we? We were/are not ‘they’ and the imbecilic notion of opening one’s car door while going 65+ mph couldn’t be touched politely.… ...

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