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The Characteristic of Curiosity

Curiosity makes you smart, silly, and sensational. Curiosity helps you retain Wonder, which is grand! Curiosity drives knowledge growth, which can never hurt… Yet, “curiosity killed the cat” Yikes! Splat!

Curiosity didn’t kill Curious George, a monkey of a kid-like character who got into constant trouble – enough to fill dozens and dozens of books since 1973.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: Hole in the Earth

I declined to crawl the channel under the Great Pyramid of Giza. We forsook the catacombs of Rome.

I couldn’t bare to read the spelunking passages of Nevada Barr’s book about caving in a national park. She was a favorite author; I read her mysteries serially.… ...

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Tough Love

Tough Love


Several years ago a sister whispered, “I didn’t get the empathy gene,” in a wistful tone of exposition. The stunning confession is tape-recorded in my memory, a specialty from my profession and a childhood spent in vigilance.It explained a lot of things.… ...

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