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Life as a Miracle: Sista Suzi

What does one say in the face of full charm, a woman met serendipitously after she and one of my clients casually flirted when he trotted past her office window alongside his mom. To-and-from his therapy sessions with me. The woman in the photo is me, working the magic of speech-language pathology with the tyke.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: It’s a Mad World

Today is Halloween. It’s a spooky and magical night. Costume ready? Pillowcase pulled from the linen closet to hold your haul? Ready to watch the Great Pumpkin, the ritual cartoon from the Peanuts gang? Or are you more the Starbucks’ Pumpkin Latte type?… ...

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The Tall Poppy Syndrome

image041-300x241We’ve just returned from lands Down Under, where I’ve learned an apropos phrase: the Tall Poppy Syndrome. It’s applied to me nearly all my life. In one incident after another, for better or worse, mostly worst. I am more sensitive than people care to believe.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: at the Airport AGAIN!

There was a time when my husband flew so much on business that he could have sprouted wings.wings


After all he is ‘the best man alive’, my angel.

As he did his sales work in Elsewhere, USA, he amassed so many frequent flier miles that, even after his seven years of retirement, we still roust about the country on points.… ...

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