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Woosh! Friendship lost and regained. Whew!

Woosh. All the air left Bonnie’s lungs. The moments-ago lobby scene with Jackie was bad—well, she admitted it had been a fight. Not like the grasping-and-clawing, utterly gross mudwrestling Bonnie had glimpsed during an online search for one of Pastor Rankin’s sermons, but it couldn’t have been described as a discussion, either.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: an evening dress and an ICU visit

This miracle started with a fundraiser, well, it actually started with a disease. Cancer, the big, f***ing, frightening disease.

I’d had breast cancer – and before that, my mom did. We survived, lived to tell our tale and show our support for others facing the enormous scope of this disease.… ...

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Buddy, Can You Spare a Friend?

1908349_10203174850745683_3328140649774821826_nFriends share secrets, feeling safe in the hearts and minds, that acceptance with be theirs, no matter what. Each of us has a few, one of them being our Father.

But, but, but, but: have you ever repressed a truth? Not a fib, a flub, or white lie, but a lapse, really.… ...

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Let it go

“Let it go,” the Christian smother says.

Let it go. Be free of angst and regret.

And, it strikes me suddenly:

what she really intends is

to be unfettered,

free of listening

to my burdens,

as I have listened to hers.… ...

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The Power of Intention

It’s 5:34 a.m. when we spontaneously awaken, aware of each other as the covers rustle with movement.

We’ve beaten the clock alarm. Again.

Our dear friend had a chemo therapy session – his 5th one, staring down the barrel of wellness to hit a bulls eye.… ...

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Friendship Proven


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