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The Pros and the Regulars of USPS

So, ’tis the season. The holidays approach and I’ve made endless trips to the USPS to mail packages to folks back home. Further, I’m an author who’s shipped ARCS and books to readers throughout the world and throughout the years. 😉

I am a Pro at the USPS.

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The Physics of Christmas

Bursts of logic grace me from time-to-time. Blondes can handle logic, donchaknow! With holiday shopping complete and cards are their way via USPS, I had a few idle moments to contemplate today.  I trolled our calendar, scoped the bookshelves, and ravaged the refrigerator.… ...

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‘What’s in your wallet’, er, cupboards and shelves, crowded now by that insurgent, the Elf on the Shelf? What do you have stashed about the house? Here are some of my and my handsome husband’s handy-dandy, well-stashed stuff. Let’s compare and share!… ...

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