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Her Own Private Island, to which she was banned

So, my husband and I attended weddings in the Midwest. Joy and exuberance marked our visit of 4000 air miles and 1200 miles of driving in a rental car. We filled the time between the events with visits with extended family and longtime friends.… ...

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Red vs White for Christmas Past, Present, and Future

We have a highly quotable friend. So, full disclosure, this is a phrase of his: “Drink red to be contemplative, white to get wild.”

Knowing John, he does either well. At least he used to. We know each other a lo-ong time.… ...

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Life as a Miracle: a new friend helps me comfort an old friend

Several years ago I published a book, followed by another and another, with one in the works… Who knew I had an affinity for one, let alone a lot?

Well… you know who and you know how, you get the gist.… ...

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Hearty, happy, and unbreakable – not!

DSC04620 Hearty, happy, and unbreakable. This is my habitual stance: smiling, laughing, and dancing with great peace and joy.

Contained, cool, quick-witted. Independent, undaunted, suave.

I work assiduously over every endeavor to which I commit. Smiling all the while, making it look easy.… ...

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Living Life as a Miracle: Mother Speaks Up

There's Always An Upside by PJ ColandoTen years ago, days before my birthday, my mother suffered a massive stroke. An incident that brought me to church, a miraculous God-incidence that I have testified and written about. You can purchase the book on my website, pjcolando.com

It was also a few days before my fourth chemotherapy to fight breast cancer.… ...

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Boundaries and Space

The devil personified always seemed to be seated on my left side when she hissed fiery, false words directly at my face multiple times last year. I could almost feel her spite, er, her spit’s splash.

Each time my breath felt sucked from my chest…thank God, she wasn’t a vampire at my neck.… ...

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The mind wanders

worryThis post was written in late February as I awaited a scheduled surgery date. I acted on my faithful friend’s wisdom, that, what the mind doesn’t know, it invents…I sidetracked worry into its own dead end, not allowing it to blight my day or night.… ...

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Road to Now Here

Road to Nowhere


“We’re on a road to nowhere Come on inside Takin’ that ride to nowhere We’ll take that ride.”

All of us bloggers are Talking Heads, so the quote seemed appropriate.

Forgive me for borrowing; I couldn’t resist.

The stained glass doorway in this picture seems very church-like.… ...

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The Greatest Gift

Santa Baby,

Thanks for putting Larry and I on your list, checking it twice. We know our names are there because we have a snow globe with you checking our list before mounting your ride around the world to deliver gifts.… ...

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