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A List of Euphemisms for Gossip –


Even Neanderthals did it – and, likely, Trogyldites, too. People gossiped – er, shared information with each other. It was a way to survive. To run for your life, beat the tomtoms, send the smoke signals… to stay alive!

I despise gossip.… ...

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Pregnant Pause

“Whatever happened to Sarah Sota?” the snide talking head inquired.

“Her business card is on the table near your left hand. Why don’t you pick it up and call her?” I benignly, sincerely said.

Her fluffy face blanched but she didn’t chance a glance: at me nor the card.… ...

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Tomahawk Telephone

I was invited to join a circle of friends, women who gathered in mutual support twice a month. I was overjoyed, welcomed into the company of good women.

In between meetings, I’d occasionally receive their calls: inquiries and invitations to interesting events.… ...

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If you ever want to wave a conversational red flag in my face, just say “they” did it or said or thought it. Be ready, for I will ask you, “Who are ‘they’?”

I rise forth from a lifetime of blame from a tattletailing little sis along with the mischievous misinformation of the unseen and unnamed in small town communities where I grew up.… ...

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I can do magic

I can do magic with groups of women. Here are two true life examples.

  • I have done public speaking on a variety of topics and always open in this manner: “My name is Pat Jackson-Colando. I am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice.
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